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Welcome to the online home of Canine Consultant.

At Canine Consultant, we believe dog ownership should be fun, that training should be easy and enjoyable for all, and that there is no need nor place for pain or fear within animal training.


I have officially retired from physical training activities. As such I can no longer be an active PACT KSA-1-1 ATI or ABTC reg. practitioner.
This means that whilst I will still offer dog behaviour and training advice, and will still complete Continued Professional Development, it will be as and when my health permits.
I remain a PACT 'non-practicing' member, in recognition of the qualifications and experience gained over the last 20 years.

We offer a range of remote services to help you get the best out of sharing your life with a dog.Browse around the site to see how we can offer the advice and assistance you need.

Butternut Box Offer


We've teamed up with Butternut Box, to offer you a 50% discount on your first box.

Butternut Box make and supply delicious, high quality frozen cooked meals for your dog in a range of flavours. Our dogs love them,  and we feel that feeding a variety of high quality grain free foods, either raw or cooked, is the way forward for optimal health. Give Butternut Box a trial, and they will donate a meal to a homeless or shelter dog for each dog that is signed up.
To get your 50% discount, just order through our link

What People Say...


Emma has been legendary! Separation anxiety can be a life draining issue to deal with but Emma has made me feel as though we can get through this. The consults are packed with knowledge and the progress is hugely reinforcing. You can't really put a price on that! - Veronika

Emma is really quite amazing. She supported us by PM, as we're far away. You might think that couldn't help, but she was FAR more effective (even though we were communicating from a remote location) than a behaviourist we saw locally who was able to visit our dog... - Nina

Thanks for your help with Buster our staffie/lab cross. Em took plenty of time to get to know Buster and listened carefully to our questions and concerns. Buster loved her immediately. We tried lots of things together on her visit, then a few days later we received a comprehensive report with loads more ideas and suggestions. Very helpful - down to earth and practical suggestions. Would definitely recommend her! - Nicola

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Our Story

Canine Consultant first began teaching people to teach their dogs back in 2008.
Since then we have expanded from an advice service to a one to one behaviour consultation service with private training, lectures, seminars and workshops.

What We Do

We offer safe, practical and science-based advice, training methods, support and much much more.
From private 1 - 1 training and behaviour sessions to lectures and seminars, from remote support for those looking for their first family dog to those battling extreme separation anxiety problems - we have a lot to offer and if you've got a problem we can't solve, we certainly know someone who can within our close knit network of canine professionals.

Opening Hours!

We are available 7 days a week, afternoons and evenings. Other appointment slots are available by arrangement.

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