Remote Training Services

Remote training is a relatively new concept in the UK - this service is suitable for behaviour problems where it is not beneficial to introduce a stranger to the home, for example where a dog is very nervous of strangers.

It is also excellent for cases where the problem behaviour occurs when no one is home, i.e. separation anxiety, where bringing a stranger in to deal with a problem that happens when theres no one there is counter intuitive and the pet owner needs daily support not a one off visit!

Remote training involves online live chats, usually via a messenger program such as Facebook messenger on a daily or alternate-day basis, videos of your training sessions are reviewed and changes to those sessions made each day and you receive an email recap after each session giving you the next days or next sessions work in easy to follow steps.

This method is also highly useful for those with puppies or those who simply need daily or frequent contact with an expert to ensure they are on the right track, without the expense and disruption of an in-person visit.

Please note that remote training is not for everyone or for every behaviour problem, and this service is only suited for those who are relatively 'tech savvy' at this time.


Home Visits

Home visits are available in the Worcester and surrounding areas, and are ideal for complex or behaviour problems and also one to one private training sessions.

Problems covered include food guarding, reactivity on the lead, aggression to strangers inside and outside the house, toilet training problems, general anxiety related issues and much, much more.

We can also offer Puppy Visits, or as we call them 'Argh, Help, I have a puppy and feel like I am out of my depth' visits - where we can often give you practical advice and demonstrate techniques that will help you avoid more serious long term problems before they even happen!


Private Training Sessions

Private one to one training sessions are available at a number of outdoor locations around Malvern and Worcester.

We recommend these for addressing issues such as pulling on the lead and reactivity towards other dogs however these can also be used as an addition to puppy classes, to help you with socialization and habituation in a safe, supported set up.

Whether you need a one off session or a multiple session course - we can put you on the right track!


Telephone Pre-Consultation

Telephone Pre-Consultation sessions are suited for those who are not sure if they need a one to one or remote session.

These are offered on a pre-payment basis (via Paypal please, direct to the trainer you are dealing with) after we have talked to you via email.

This helps us determine what service you require so that you get value for money and we can use our time most efficiently. Pre-payments are deducted from the cost of whichever consultation type or package you then book (as long as you book within 14 days of your call).