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Packages & Pricing

Remote Consultation - Separation Anxiety 20 Session Package: £347

Format: 20 remote online contact sessions (@20 minutes per session) via messenger text chat, plus recap email for following days training sessions.

Best for frequent contact, review of training videos and altering behaviour modification criteria. 

Requirements: You'll need to provide a video walk through of your home, fill out our pre-consultation form, and be able to commit to not leaving your dog to experience separation anxiety whilst the training is on-going. You need to communicate well via written word and be able to video your dog whilst you train, and submit videos for review via Whatsapp or Youtube.

Payment : This is a two part package, the initial deposit of £95 covers your first 5 sessions, then if you need to continue/wish to continue the balance of £252 is due for the remaining 15 sessions.

Sessions will be as frequently as you need them, with the norm being once a week.

Sessions are based on a 20 minute time frame, if you need more than this per session that's fine, your recap email will note how many 'blocks' of 20 minutes  you've had/how many you have remaining.

We can offer a payment plan splitting the balance into two payments to make life easier for you, however signing up after the initial 5 sessions means you agree to the full payment whether thats split or not as these are discounted sessions due to being part of a full package.

For those who complete the initial 5 sessions, you have the alternative of booking individual sessions as and when needed however these are charged at the full price of £25 per 20 minute block. These are only suitable for those who have gone through at least the initial 5 sessions.

Please note, you will need to make arrangements to ensure your dog is not left to suffer separation anxiety during the course of treatment - this may mean using friends, relatives or professional dog sitting/day care services. Attempting to address separation anxiety disorders whilst the dog is still regularly experiencing that anxiety simply will not work.

Remote Consultation - Before You Get Your Dog 6 Session Package: £75

Format: 4 detailed emails plus 2 45 minute live messenger contact sessions.

Best for research and advice when you are searching for a new dog, particularly if you are new to dog ownership as an adult or have never had a dog at all. We can cover what breeds might suit, whether you should get a rescue dog or a puppy, how to locate a good rescue or a good, ethical breeder and much more.

Take the worry and the mystery out of finding your new dog and avoid the many pitfalls and traps people easily fall into!

Requirements: You'll need to provide a detailed bio of yourself and your family, what you want from a dog, what you can offer a dog, and be able to communicate well in writing.


Tailored Package from: £50+

If you'd like my help with something not listed above, perhaps you would like training videos reviewed to get an independent opinion, or to talk through a problem with an experienced set of 'ears' - get in touch - if I can be of help, I am happy to be!

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