Packages & Pricing

Remote Consultation - Separation Anxiety 20 Session Package: £347

Format: 20 remote online contact sessions (@20 minutes per session) via messenger text chat, plus recap email for following days training sessions.

Best for frequent contact, review of training videos and altering behaviour modification criteria. 

Requirements: You'll need to provide a video walk through of your home, fill out our pre-consultation form, and be able to commit to not leaving your dog to experience separation anxiety whilst the training is on-going. You need to communicate well via written word and be able to video your dog whilst you train, and submit videos for review via Whatsapp or Youtube.

Payment : This is a two part package, the initial deposit of £95 covers your first 5 sessions, then if you need to continue/wish to continue the balance of £252 is due for the remaining 15 sessions.

Sessions will be as frequently as you need them, with the norm being once a week.

Sessions are based on a 20 minute time frame, if you need more than this per session that's fine, your recap email will note how many 'blocks' of 20 minutes  you've had/how many you have remaining.

We can offer a payment plan splitting the balance into two payments to make life easier for you, however signing up after the initial 5 sessions means you agree to the full payment whether thats split or not as these are discounted sessions due to being part of a full package.

For those who complete the initial 5 sessions, you have the alternative of booking individual sessions as and when needed however these are charged at the full price of £25 per 20 minute block. These are only suitable for those who have gone through at least the initial 5 sessions.

Please note, you will need to make arrangements to ensure your dog is not left to suffer separation anxiety during the course of treatment - this may mean using friends, relatives or professional dog sitting/day care services. Attempting to address separation anxiety disorders whilst the dog is still regularly experiencing that anxiety simply will not work.

Remote Consultation - Before You Get Your Dog 6 Session Package: £75

Format: 4 detailed emails plus 2 45 minute live messenger contact sessions.

Best for research and advice when you are searching for a new dog, particularly if you are new to dog ownership as an adult or have never had a dog at all. We can cover what breeds might suit, whether you should get a rescue dog or a puppy, how to locate a good rescue or a good, ethical breeder and much more.

Take the worry and the mystery out of finding your new dog and avoid the many pitfalls and traps people easily fall into!

Requirements: You'll need to provide a detailed bio of yourself and your family, what you want from a dog, what you can offer a dog, and be able to communicate well in writing.


Home Consultation - Behaviour & Training Initial Consult: £120

Format: Single home visit + Written Report & Plan + 6 months email back up.

Emma will visit you at your home to observe your dog in their most relaxed and natural environment, whilst talking through the issues and problems with you. We like to do this over a cup of tea or coffee, as this is an activity your dog will often see you doing and helps them to relax and behave normally!

Best for behaviour problems, training issues, combinations of both - resolving misunderstandings or miscommunications between you and your dog. Let us unravel the problems, and work out a safe management strategy for you, plus a training and behaviour modification program that is not only easy to stick to and manage, but enjoyable for all!

Requirements: You'll need to fill out our pre-consultation form, be able to make us a brew, be honest about the previous history with your dog (we do not judge!) and willing to put in the work!

Home Consultation - Behaviour & Training Initial Consult & Follow Up Visit: £180

As above, plus one extra home visit 3 to 6 weeks later to iron out any problems or give additional advice/demonstrations. For longstanding problems or multiple dog households this is probably the package for you.

 Private Training Session - £45 per session or £140 pre-paid Course of 4 sessions

Format: Outdoor training sessions at a suitable location.

Join Emma for private training in a location suitable for your needs. We can cover reactivity towards other dogs, potentially with the use of stooge dogs (real or stuffed!), pulling on the lead, recall problems and much more.

Requirements: We need a good history of your dog and any training you've carried out before (even if you now think it was wrong, we don't judge!) - dogs on a flat collar or preferably a Y front harness such as the Perfect Fit (we can fit and allow you to try one out before buying directly from us) or if necessary, a combination of headcollar and harness. Please have a 6ft double ended training lead, a long (30ft) line for recall work, treat pouch and high value rewards and ... poo bags!