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Meet the Team

Emma Judson - Head Training & Behaviour Consultant

Emma has a wealth of knowledge around all aspects of dog behaviour and training, with experience spanning over 20 years.

Emma is a member of the Pet Professional Guild and a non-practicing member of the  Professional Assocation of Canine Trainers, an ABTC member organisation. She previously held the PACT-KSA 1 - 1 accreditation.

Canine speciality: Hounds - sighthounds and scenthounds.

Behavioural speciality: Separation anxiety, resource guarding.


PACT non-practising .png
Lottie Bennett - Associate Behaviour & Training Consultant

Lottie has been working with dogs professionally as a trainer and behaviour consultant for around 13 years and has spent several years working with rescues to help with their dogs and fostering dogs that required some extra help.

Lottie is a member of the Pet Professional Guild and is working towards further accreditation after having completed several correspondence courses with different organisations.

Lottie currently shares her home with her 3rd and 4th dalmatians and has previously owned terriers as well. She specialises in deaf dog training, separation anxiety and puppy rearing.

Canine speciality: Dalmatians, Poodles, Working breeds.

Behaviour speciality: Separation anxiety, deaf dogs, generalised anxiety problems.

Methods & Ethos

Methods & Ethos

One of the most important questions you should ask any trainer or behaviour consultant is 'what methods do you use to achieve results?'.

Here at Canine Consultant, we make no secret of our methods, we have nothing to hide regarding what we do and how we do it.

We use primarily positive reinforcement - the dog does the thing we like or want, the dog is reinforced for that with something he likes or wants.

We strive to be 'force free' in our training - that means we will not be using fear, co-ercion, pain, intimidation or devices like prong or shock or choke collars, to force the dog to comply with our wishes. 

That does not mean that we simply ignore dangerous or unwanted behaviour! Instead we aim to put in place sensible management strategies to keep everyone safe, prevent unwanted or dangerous behaviour occurring, which prevents that behaviour from getting worse and allows you the space to deal with the priority issues.

Our aim is that you enjoy sharing your life with your dog, that training and even modifying unwanted behaviour is easy and is fun, for everyone.
This means training and behaviour modification must fit into the time you have during your normal life, which for most of us is 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there rather than hours on end!

It also means the techniques must be reasonably appropriate for all members of the family, from your 8 year old son to your 80 year old Grandma to use! 

So, what exactly do we do?

Clicker training.
Positive reinforcement using food or toys.

Teaching alternative behaviours to replace unwanted behaviours.
Step by step training plans.
Stress reduction (for both dogs and people).
Explaining canine body language so that you can read your dog correctly.
Teaching the correct use of equipment such as harnesses, headcollars, leads and also the wide range of puzzle toys and interactive games now available.
And much, much more!

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