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Tales from the Showground...

Dog relaxes in the shade
Paco relaxing in the shade in his cooler jacket.

Having not been overly Busy this weekend it sadly gives us the opportunity to observe really bad dog handling from Joe Public and it makes me sad! Hundreds of people either punishing their dogs or totally ignoring them everywhere I turn. We’re control freaks!!!!

Sometimes I find myself feeling guilty for the times I’m impatient with Paco or I get frustrated but it’s weekends like this that get me thinking how proud I am to offer my dog the best life I can and to keep him safe at all times.

It really hits home how much effort I put into (not Tricks) but listening to my dog, allowing him to communicate with me and changing the environment accordingly. Listening to him, giving him choice, understanding situations that wouldn’t be enjoyable for him, allowing him to stop and sniff, offering him alternative routes, allowing him to sleep, getting an extra bed in the family room hotel because that’s what he likes!

Even just the small things like moving a dog by using force on the lead makes me cringe now lol!

I really feel strongly about teaching pet parents how to truely listen to their dogs, understand them and offer them choice rather than learning how to make them sit or lie down in a class.

So these weekends are bitter sweet but make me proud to be practising what I believe to be the kindest upbringing for a dog ... and btw... I Love my angel snubben face!

©Steph Chamings 2018

Steph works for Dog Games and spends all summer at dog shows up and down the country fitting Perfect Fit harnesses, and generally observing humans and their hounds!

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Emma Judson
Emma Judson
May 08, 2018

Testy McTesting. :)

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